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Welcome to Smith Motor Company
Let us take a moment to explain our origin. We created SMC first and foremost because we are Ford faithful. We grew up loving the muscle car era that the generation before us were lucky to be raised in. I personally didn’t fall in love with Ford first. As a kid I always loved my older brothers trucks but had no understanding of the true love and need for a truck until I began my roll in our family construction company upon graduating high school and buying my first Ford 94’ F250. With a 5.8 351 Windsor I was chasing all the other trucks I truly loved, my dads 454 dually and my brothers 460 F350. Still a few years away from the Diesel movement I was one of the first people to supercharge a truck. Chasing all of the Z71 Chevys around and having the hardest time finding any power adds for my Ford the fever began. After having a brief period with a 99’ Dodge, I decided to buy a 96’ F350 the truck that I had always truly wanted. Immediately started looking for power adds, and to my luck it just happened to be the start of the Diesel revolution. With the install of a Bank kit I pulled out into the street and dropped the hammer and never expected for the throttle to open up like that. To my surprise, I found the power of my then 99’ Saleen at the tip of my foot. Then the true learning began. Every couple weeks I was replacing my E40D. After the third trans I swapped it out for a manual, because of the lack of resources. Since that moment I’ve always known that there is going to need to be a balance.

Our Objective
Fast forward to today. There is no balance. The magazines and countless websites are trying to push the next big thing before any of it is proven. Everyone argues that thier Cummins, Duramax, Powerstroke is bulletproof. Wrong every machine has its tolerance, hens why a company as big as Banks won’t push the envelope as far as the number chasers. Its not because they are scared. No other diesel aftermarket company has more experience, facilities, or resources than Gale Banks has. That’s not to say that there are not other aftermarket parts or companies that don’t have great products to add to the mix. But how do, you, the customer decide what is what, trial and error? Not very feasible, especially considering that a lot of people buying these trucks are going out on a financial limb to check that $5000 dollar diesel premium column.
In comes the need for a Saleen type company. Someone other than you the customer to fry head gaskets, turbos, injectors, transmissions, or any other part of your $40,000 plus prize possession. I own several ranches in some of the roughest country in Northern California and ran a construction company for the past 10 years. We built our trucks for extreme off-road and driving over 30K a year, while hauling and packing endless amounts of weight in my Superduties, with the Edge programmer set on level 5 and 40” tires. Headgaskets blown at 45K miles, transmission 45K miles and a rear end at 90+K miles. If there is a part to break we’ll break it before you can. We’ve spent the past several months talking and competing with Chevy and Dodge guys on the drag and pull circuit and they are fixing there rigs just as much as anyone else. SMC is set up to bring a balance to the Ford customers. Everything is designed to work together and keep the trucks dependable. In the 60s and 70s muscle cars where raised to fit larger tires, now the tubs and fenders are rolled. Why, because if you raise any vehicle it takes away from the performance characteristics it was designed for. Because I always had to work out of my truck for a living and tow a 35’ trailer I couldn’t afford to put a 6” lift on my truck. It started with 37” tires on my 96’ with a 2” shackle reversal kit. All the room I needed to clear the tires and the truck performed like it was designed to. Our 05’ and now 08’ Crawler and Ridgeback packages are set up for the largest size tire for ground clearance and the least amount of lift, to put less strain on the drive train and keep a low center of gravity. If you think that 40s are too big for only a 4” lift just watch the video in the media section. We use it like that all the time at the ranch. As far as the performance parts go we will not sell anything on our vehicles because of sponsorship or the biggest dollar break. On some parts we make nothing on. We only want to bring you the best and most dependable parts you could buy. We are making the toughest truck tougher, and doing all the gene pig work for you.

Why buy Smith
The trucks that are on the dealership lot already lifted with wheels and tires and an exhaust tip and some grill add-ons. If you buy a Smith Motor Company truck it will have a name that holds a resale value. Even the King Ranch and Harleys don’t hold the resale value they should anymore because Ford has flooded the market with them. Add on that that there is no sole company that installs the lifts on the trucks that are lifted on your local lot. Exclusivity, build, reliability, and reputation hold more value than those cheap grill covers, 6” lift, on 35s with basic 18s will ever hold. SMC trucks are set up to be clean not bling. They are the most functional 4x4 haulers you can buy. Don’t waste your money give us a call.

How to buy
We are currently working with three local dealerships. Crown Motors in Redding CA, Red Bluff Ford south of Redding and Corning Ford in Corning CA. The chain will only grow with demand from you the customer. Starting with the 08s, they are all numbered for resale value. We will pick the vehicle up complete the package level so the customer can receive the vehicle complete and sign the papers. Redding now has direct flights from San Francisco daily. For 07’ and older Superduties the up fits can still be done and free transportation is available from surrounding Bay Area thru Redding.

Check out the media section to see video clips of these monster machines in action!!!

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